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System Overview
The system is an integrated, high performance digital satellite network configured to operate in a star topology. It provides interactive data and voice communications along with Local Area Networking (LAN) capabilities. Based on a TDM/TDMA architecture, the system provides interactive and broadcast digital communications to interconnect remote VSATs with a central hub facility site.

The system network is designed to operate with any C-band (INSAT and standard) or Ku-band satellite systems and comprised of the following major elements:

  • Hub Facility
  • Remote VSATs
  • Network Management System
  • X.Star Satellite Protocol
Each remote VSAT is able to communicate via a single satellite hop to the central hub site using the inbound TDMA channel.

For communications from the Central Hub to the VSATs, the hub broadcasts a series of information packets to the remote VSAT over the outbound TDM channel.

For VSAT to VSAT traffic, the Central Hub has the capability to internally route the packets, thus providing a double hop communication link between VSATs. The Central Hub performs all the switching and routing of the TDM/TDMA channels to ensure the originating user ports are routed to the proper destinations.

Some additional protocols can be developed if required by a customer. Some of the protocols currently supported in the network are X.25, TCP/IP, SNA/SDLC, X.3/X.28 PAD, HDLC, Group III Fax and Voice.

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